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Johnny Junkpile
By Jack David Dean

Johnny Junkpile is a touching story about love, loyalty and the power of self worth. Both young and adult readers will enjoy this gripping story.  The story centers on Johnny Jung who is being teased by a group of boys.

The story of Johnny Junkpile will teach young readers how to deal with bullying, personal trauma and disaster. The strength of Johnny’s family and the lessons handed down from his father help him to deal with the daily struggles many young boys and girls face. Johnny Junkpile will show youngsters that name calling and bullying can be dealt with and conquered through willpower and humor.


the future of books

Just as the CD is fading as digital music rises in popularity and we can see the eventual end of the DVD as streaming movies become more available, so will the hardback and mass-market paperback give way to the eBook. But there is one crucial difference: while the transfer of music and movies to a largely digital format has waited on the technology to be ready, the transfer of books to an electronic format has been waiting on us to be ready.